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Tally provides the industry's most comprehensive range of printers that range from mono and colour products for the desktop, to both impact and non-impact printers.

a) Tally Line Impact Matrix Printers

Tally has established its name as the world leader in the design and manufacture of line printers. Tally line printers are manufactured in Kent, Washington, USA.

Tally Line Printers

All of the above models :
  • support the following emulations : Tally MT660, Epson FX, IBM Proprinter, Genicom ANSI, Printronix P600 & P6000, HP 2564C and DEC LG01
  • support the same graphics language : QMS Code V, Printronix Graphics Language (PGL), Tally IG
  • have the same choice of interfaces : parallel and serial (auto host switching), 4-Plex (twinax, coax, serial, parallel) and LANPlex (ethernet, parallel, serial)


Tally T6050 Line Matrix Printer

  • 500 lines per minute
  • 80,000 pages per month workload
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Tally T6100/T6101 Line Matrix Printer

  • 1,020 lines per minute
  • 180,000 pages per month workload
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Tally T6215 Line Matrix Printer

  • 1,500 lines per minute
  • 319,000 pages per month workload
  • Exclusive 'Smart Ribbon' technology for consistent print density
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Tally T6218 Line Matrix Printer

  • 1,800 lines per minute
  • 512,900 pages per month workload
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b) Tally Dot Impact Matrix Printers

Tally's dot impact matrix printers meet a wide range of critical business applications with print speeds of between 300 and 1050cps and workloads up to 45,000 pages per month.


T2030/T2130 Dot Matrix Printer

  • High print performance up to 360cps
  • Up to 600 page per day workload
  • 9 and 24 needle versions
  • 80 and 136 column models
 >> more info

T2265/T2280/T2280-2T Dot Matrix Printer

  • 1,100cps, 50,000 pages per month workload for T2280
  • 900cps, 40,000 pages per month workload for T2265
  • Automatic gap adjustment (AGA) to optimise print head life and print quality
 >> more info

T2255 Dot Matrix Printer

  • Print speed of 825cps
  • 30,000 page per month workload
  • 80 and 136 column models
  • Automatic gap adjustment to optimise print head life and print quality
 >> more info


c) Tally Passbook Printer


  • Rapid 230cps print speed
  • Advanced model variants for MSR and MICR
  • Handles a wide range of media from passbooks and cheques to A4 cut sheets

  •  >> more info

    d) Tally High Speed InkJet Printer


    • 2,200 characters per second or 16 pages per minute
    • 60,000 page per month workload
    • Quiet operation 49 dB(A)
    • Wide range of interface options, including Twinax/Coax, LAN

    •  >> more info

    Tally Printers are able to support the following print jobs : 

      Fanfold Paper                                  Letters & Mono Printing

      Barcodes & Labels                            Cheques

    Products we carry:

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