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Computimes,   November 2, 2000
by Fauziah Muhtar

Remote Control troubleshooting tool

Advantage Systems Sdn Bhd has unveiled a remote control troubleshooting software for corporate use - NetOp Remote Control version 6.5 - from a Danish company, Danware Data A/S.

The software helps technical support professional enable a secure cross-platform control or monitor the networked personal computers (PCs) with multiple platforms such as Windows, DOS and OS/2 over different network protocols, modems and the Internet.

According to Advantage Systems's system network engineer Aiman Hussin, NetOp Remote Control uses minimal system resources, allowing it to be fully loaded at all times.

"PC users who are on the local office's local area network (LAN), at the branch office or overseas, are able to request for help from various services offered by the centralised HelpDesk Support at the head office," he explained on the usage.

NetOp Remote Control consists of two standard modules - Host and Guest. The Host is installed on the server or user PCs which need to be remotely controlled, and the Guest is installed on the PCs of HelpDesk Support personnel or network administrator which will be used to control Host PCs.

Other optional modules available are Log Server, Access Server and Gateway.

The Log Server is for logging NetOp traffic of all remote control sessions, Access Server offers centralised remote control security function because it maintains the NetOp security profile of any company on a central network PC, and the Gateway accepts incoming or redirect outgoing calls via modem, integrated services digital network (ISDN), internetwork private exchange (IPX), Net basic input/output system (BIOS), transmission control protocol (TCP/IP) or infra-red and route these calls to their intended destination.

"The Access Server also provides reports on the support efficiency," he told Computimes.

It is said that with its technical support, people can have the access to PCs with remote access over the LAN/wide are network (WAN)and internet for online support.

The support people can view the PC users' screen control its keyboard and mouse, do bi-directional file transfers, initiate voice and text chat and record sessions.

HelpDesk support personnel who are not in the HelpDesk Centre can also provide support to the user or host PCs by dialling into the Gateway PCs directly via analogue or ISDN modems, or by connecting via TCP/IP over the Internet to these Gateway PCs to browse for available Host PCs and provide the necessary support.

The software also supports infra-red communication with four megabit (Mb) connection speed.

On security, all identifications and passwords of Guest's PCs which are allowed to connect to and remote control the Host PCs can either be registered on each individual Host PC or be centrally registered and controlled on the Access Servers.

All remote control connection and traffic can be centrally logged by the Access Servers or Log Servers. Furthermore, the software also has tight integration with Windows security management to take advantage of security features like validate passwords, provide access rights to groups and safeguard servers.

NetOp Remote Control version 6.5 supports Windows 2000, Windows NT, 95/98, Windows 3.x, DOS and OS/2.

The product also supports all popular network protocols such as TCP/IP, NetBeui and IPX.

The company is also offering the remote deployment version of NetOp for free where users can just install them remotely and won't need to install the host application from one PC to another.

"This software is suitably used by big companies that have a large number of PCs and branches," Aiman said.

The pricing of a package of 10 Host and one Guest license is RM3,000. A single Host and Guest license is RM700 each. Gateway, Log and Access Server pricing varies from RM3,000 to RM4,000.

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