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Computimes,   August 17, 2000
By Fauziah Muhtar

Advantage with industry inkjet

Advantage Systems Sdn Bhd has announced availability of the Tally T3016 SpeedJet, a high-end industry inkjet printer capable of handling a workload of 60,000 pages per month.

Its printhead is based on the Piezo technology and comes with a special fast-dry pigment ink designed to be water, alcohol, bleach and ultra-violet resistant.

Advantage's product executive Carter Boo said the printer's reliability has been proven as it achieved the industry standard for performing more than 10,000 hours of mean time before failure (MTBF) test.

"To handle such high-end workload, the printhead has been designed to have a long life span with the ability to print up to three billion characters and two million pages before it needs to be changed," Boo said.

The T3016 SpeedJet has two printheads that supply a total of 256 nozzles to produce 360 dots per inch (dpi) resolution. The 136-column printer supports up to A3 size paper and prints four lines at one pass. With this capability, its able to offer high-speed printing at 2,000 characters per second, 600 lines per minute and 16 pages per minute.

Designed to be quieter than laser printers in the market with 49dbA, the T3016 SpeedJet prints on any one-ply paper available, and it even supports small envelopes, cheque media and sticker paper.

This printer is suitable for the banking, security, warehousing and manufacturing sectors, especially for printing high volumes of bar codes. The push tractor technology incorporated makes it suitable for printing important documents without wasting any paper.

Other applications supported are invoicing, shipping, picking list, mailing and statement. The ink tank for Tally T3016 can last up to 40 million characters with a cost per page at RM0.013.

The T3016 SpeedJet is priced between RM10,000 and RM12,000 depending on optional items requested while the ink tank's list price is RM480. The printer comes with a one-year on-site warranty which also covers the printhead.

"Unlike inkjet printers for home or office use, the industry inkjet is mush lower in cost, including maintenance in the long run," said Advantage's senior technical support executive Raymond Law.

The company expects to sell about 20 units of the printer by end of this year. To meet this target, Advantage will launch a series of events to promote market awareness.

"We will first create market awareness by mass faxing to potential customers. Demonstrations will also be provided," Boo said.

Law also said that the company has embarked on the "four-hour response time" service in the Klang Valley for all its customers. "This is to assure customers our effectiveness to support them."

By end of this year, Tally is expected to introduce industry spot colour inkjet printers targeted at demand-on-print needs.

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