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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Q1 - Why is Advantage Systems (ASSB) the preferred company?

A1 - With more than 16 years of experience in offering data connectivity, communications, networking and professional printing solutions, ASSB has earned its reputation in providing quality services to its customers.

Being an associate company of Mesiniaga Berhad, a leading Malaysian IT company that is listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE), further enhances ASSB's credibility.


Q1 - When the power is switched on, the print server's network light is blinking, but there is no network connection.

A1 - Most probably the firmware in the flash memory has to be reprogrammed using a flash load cable.

Q2 - Why can't the wireless client not access the network even though the correct driver is installed?

A2 - The client's network ID is different from the access point's ID.


Q1 - Can I request for technical assistance even though the faulty product is not purchased from Advantage Systems?

A1 - Yes. ASSB will quote you accordingly and upon acceptance, you can appoint us to service the product.

Q2 - Can I report defective/faulty items after office hours?

A2 - Yes. You can report to any of the customer service executives, or leave a message upon instruction. Your complaint will be attended to immediately upon retrieval.

Q3 - What is the difference between the traditional "MA" (Maintenance Service Agreement) and the "SA" (Service Only Maintenance Agreement)?

A3 - The traditional MA (Maintenance Service Agreement) covers the cost of remote helpdesk support, on-site service calls, cost of repairs and spare parts (excluding consumables) for equipment which are out of warranty and which were mainly sold by Advantage Systems Sdn. Bhd. Equivalent loan equipment will be provided as far as possible if the failed equipment cannot be repaired on-site within the same day.

The new SA (Service Only Agreement) covers all the remote helpdesk, on-site support and loan equipment services covered under the traditional MA EXCEPT that the cost of repairs and spare parts are NOT included. In addition, equipment covered under SA may still be under extended warranty for parts from the manufacturers (even though the equipment may be out of warranty where the initial post-sales on-site support from Advantage Systems is concerned). The equipment which can be covered under SA can also be those which may have been purchased from other vendors apart from Advantage Systems Sdn. Bhd and which may or may not still be covered under the initial post sales warranty from the original vendor

Q4 - How do I sign up for the SA?

A4 -
  1. A schedule of the equipment which is maintainable under SA and which may have been sold to your company by Advantage Systems Sdn. Bhd. in the past years should be attached together with your standard MA schedule. Check this schedule for the SA equipment and note down any additional similar equipment which may be existing at your premises but which may not be listed in the schedule (for eg, if the equipment concerned were purchased from other companies).
  2. If no such schedule containing equipment which is maintainable under SA is enclosed, please proceed to Point "c" below and call the Customer Service Executive or Senior Technical Manager to discuss your requirements and arrange for a site inspection of your network equipment. A nominal charge may be levied on the inspection and this would be waived or credited if the contract for SA is entered into.
  3. Call the Customer Service Executive or Senior Technical Manager in Advantage Systems to indicate your interest in SA and fax the SA Equipment Schedule (if incomplete) to Advantage Systems Sdn. Bhd. Inform the above parties if you should need Advantage Systems Sdn. Bhd. to do an on-site inspection of your network equipment and setup.
  4. A new agreement to cover the equipment under SA will then be forwarded to you for your signing.

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