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Advantage Systems is an acknowledged market leader in Malaysia for data cabling systems as well as for a wide range of agency hardware and software products in data connectivity and communications solutions and computer peripherals.

The company's principal business activities include the following:

2. SNA and TCP/IP Host Peripherals and Integration

  • hands-on experience in installation, configuration and operation of SNA host peripherals such as 3174-compatible cluster controllers for IBM 3270 mainframe hosts, 5294/5394/5494 remote controllers for IBM AS/400, Advanced System/36 hosts, SNA gateways for LAN's, TN3270/TN5250 gateways, 3270/5250 transaction terminals and coax/twinax/SCS/IPDS system printers.

  • skilled in installation and operation of SNA software packages such as legacy twinax/coax and TCP/IP emulation software packages, including IBM Client Access/400, third party web-to-host emulations for terminal emulation, system printer emulation and file transfer.

  • experienced in installation and configuration of TCP/IP ASCII terminal servers for UNIX or TCP/IP and HP3000 hosts and X-Terminal emulations.

  • experienced in TCP/IP emulation software packages for UNIX or TCP/IP and HP3000 hosts and X-Terminal emulations.

Products we carry:

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