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Advantage Systems is an acknowledged market leader in Malaysia for data cabling systems as well as for a wide range of agency hardware and software products in data connectivity and communications solutions and computer peripherals.

The company's principal business activities include the following:

4. Network Systems Integration

  • experienced in designing and implementing complete enterprise networking solutions, including all the hardware and major software components. This includes the setting up of large network servers (HP, Compaq, IBM) with Raid 5 hot-swap disk arrays running network operating systems such as Windows/NT and Novell Netware, tape back-up systems.

  • experienced in installing high-end routers and switches, VLAN configurations.

  • familiarity with installing server applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino R5, Internet proxy servers and gateways.

  • highly skilled in LAN/WAN to SNA host systems integration, including working with Microsoft SNA Server, other SNA Gateways, IP SNA Encapsulation (IBM Anynet), 802.2 LLC protocols.

  • experienced in implementing Checkpoint and Cisco router-embedded firewalls

  • experienced and highly knowledgeable in setting up thin-client server based computing solutions such as Citrix Winframe, Citrix Metaframe running with Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, deployment of network computers such as IBM Network Stations.

Products we carry:

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