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Advantage Systems is an acknowledged market leader in Malaysia for data cabling systems as well as for a wide range of agency hardware and software products in data connectivity and communications solutions and computer peripherals.

The company's principal business activities include the following:

3. Data Cabling Services

  • experienced and knowledgeable in the design, installation and acceptance testing of enterprise structured wiring cabling systems comprising fibre-optic and UTP cabling systems.

  • experienced with installation of data cabling services for large projects with thousands of nodes and with tight installation schedules

  • familiar with the requirements of local authority bylaws and regulations. Experienced with the design, project planning and coordination requirements of project consultants, mechanical and electrical consultants and architects and the necessary liaison with such parties.

  • experienced in the turnkey design and setting up of all major services for large data centres including computer air-conditioning systems, halon/CO2 fire-protection systems, uninterruptible power supplies and standby generator sets, raised modular flooring and underfloor insulation, fire-proof doors and partitions, security access systems and data cabling closets.

  • hands-on experience with legacy cabling systems including RG62AU coax cabling, twinax cabling, IBM Type 1 cabling systems, thicknet and thinnet Ethernet cabling systems, screened RS-232 cabling and the interfacing of these with modern structured wiring cabling systems.

  • knowledgeable and experienced with end-to-end installations involving Arcnet, Ethernet, Token-Ring, FDDI, ATM transport protocols.

  • ability to prepare professional as-built drawings of cabling installations using Auto-Cad software.

Products we carry:

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