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Advantage Systems is an acknowledged market leader in Malaysia for data cabling systems as well as for a wide range of agency hardware and software products in data connectivity and communications solutions and computer peripherals.

The company's principal business activities include the following:

1. Professional Printing Solutions

  • skilled and experienced in all forms of professional printing requirements for line printers, high-performance dot-matrix printers and laserjet printers.This includes being able to capture and analyze print data streams from IBM SNA hosts and ASCII hosts, configuration of customized printer ESC sequence codes, specialised printing barcodes and graphics.

  • Widely recognized for special skills in deploying printer protocol converters and multi-protocol print servers for attaching ASCII printers to SNA hosts, TCP/IP hosts and network servers (including special DEC LAT protocol requirements).

  • Able to propose and implement rapid deployment forms-printing solutions using software with drag-and-drop print data mapping capabilities.

Products we carry:

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